Set Me On Fire (Official Music Video)

What A Friend (with Aodhán King) (Official Lyric Video)

Abandoned (with Mosaic MSC) (Official Video)

Abandoned (with Brandon Lake) (Official Live Video)

Abandoned (Official Lyric Video)

From The Inside Out (Live At Sound Emporium)

Gratitude (Live At Sound Emporium)

O Praise The Name (Anastasis) (Live At Sound Emporium)

Take You At Your Word (feat. Aodhán King) (Live At Sound Emporium)

Remembrance (Spontaneous) (Live At Sound Emporium)

Agenda (Live At Sound Emporium)

Eden (Isn’t It Just Like You?) (Official Live Video)

Highlands (Song Of Ascent) (Live At Sound Emporium)

That’s The Thing About Praise (with Blessing Offor) (Official Music Video)

So Help Me God (Official Lyric Video)

Eden (Isn’t It Just Like You?) (Official Lyric Video)

Feels Like A Blessing (with JUDAH.) (Official Lyric Video)

Anyway (Official Music Video)

The Jesus I Know (Official Lyric Video)

The Jesus I Know (Official Video)

White Christmas (Official Audio)

White Christmas (Official Acoustic Video)

Auld Lang Syne (Official Lyric Video)

Seasons (Official Video)

A Father’s Blessing (Acoustic)

A Father’s Blessing (Official Video)

Homeward (Official Acoustic Video)

Faith Is (Official Acoustic Video)

Homeward (Official Lyric Video)

Faith Is (Lyric Video)

Homeward (Official Music Video)

So Will I (100 Billion X) [Live from Madison Square Garden] – Hillsong UNITED